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Church of Anthony and Theodosius of the Holy Assumption Monastery

Church of Anthony and Theodosius of the Holy Assumption Monastery

The remains of the cave church Antonija and Theodosius of the Kiev-Pechersk were preserved and the structure is still standing. The church’s origin is said to date back to that of the Christianity in The Sacred Mountains, also known as the “HOLY MOUNTAINS”.

Unfortunately , no  records exists of the ancient history of this church. The only fact known for certain it is that the church was used by monks up to XVIII century, after which it was finally abandoned. 

The monastery was abandoned and deserted for 56 years causing the structure to deteriorate to a state of complete demolishment by wind and weathering to the extend  where the exact location of the monetary could not be found.
When "THE HOLY ABODE" was restored in 1844, it’s revival made for renewed conversations amongst the monks freely speaking and telling of the ostensibly enigmatic and mysterious events which occurred  there. Monk Theophilus, for example, told of how “the night saw the light that streamed out of the ground.”

The monks relentlessly pursued their search to find the source of this alleged light, despite the knowledge that the ground in the area was of solid nature not allowing for cracks and potholes underneath the surface.

The monks even turned to residents of the area taking special interest in the elderly of the district and carefully observing and listening to their stories. All in search of information that could possibly provide answers. Fortunately they found an elder monk named Methuselah who was 100 years of age. He was granted the opportunity to tell the tales of the ancient abandoned church as he survived and lived to tell the tale.

The monk’s quest to seek information sustaining these enigmatic and mysterious tales, finally paid off and was not in vain.

When the remains of the church were finally found and cleaned up it was restored and lit in the name of Theodosius and Anthony of the Kiev Caves.
The church is relatively small and located at a depth of rock. This temple consisted of a small space for worship and made provision for small caves used for burials.
It was here where some once famous historical figures like Platov Kurakins, Yusupova, Golitsyn, Illovayskie were also laid to rest.